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What is Destiny Portals

Destiny Portals is a place to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and align your “now” for you to be on the path of living your legacy.

There are 8 main elements that are part of the Destiny Portal Experience.

1.  The Now Divination for a clearer view of your current situation

2.  Your Life Path Divination

3.  Divination of your Ancestral Lineage track

4.  Personalized Coaching

5.  Personalized Healing Sessions

6. One Day Shedding & Clearing

7.  Three day Shedding, Clearing, Deeper Ancestral Work and Empowerment

8. Customized Immersion Experiences

Vassa has created gateways into sacred portals on the ancient ancestral land she calls the Sacred Gardens. Each gateway provides an opening to deepen your connection with your legacy. Tap into the resources that will elevate your life experience. Live free from the past obstacles and be open for all the universe has today for you to tap into for empowering your future.

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