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Life Path

When you are conceived…while your physical body is being formed

with these three keys…your mesoderm, endoderm and ectoderm…your

spirit soul is also being formed. We can call this your coding.

You came from the ancestral community with one guardian ancestor spirit to hold a position as your guide and protector as well as a very important messenger. We call this your guardian ancestor.


Inside this divination session, the Oracle will dive into what your legacy is in the area of taking care of your lineage. A clearer view of what you have walked into this lifetime carrying and more about what you and your Guardian Ancestor can do to bring peace and harmony between the two worlds.

The Now

Inside this divination session, the Oracle will expose the clearest

view of the current events you need to focus on.

(Too many times we are distracted from seeing the truth in clear view).

The future is forecast and a map of strategy for you to follow will

be provided to raise the frequency of your connection with your

path. Areas of focus are your health, relationships, your destiny path, your family life and success.

The Now Divination


Done In a Day

Initial divination session - establishing the map!

Transformational Shedding Rituals

Using the elements and gateways.!

Peeling layers of all that which no longer serves you.

Two nights in the retreat house with great food.!

Deep coaching & training to build your legacy.!

A follow up coaching session

Done In a Day
3 Day Transformation

Initial divination session - defining your map!

Layout of personal journey ahead with preparation sessions & tools

Initializing Ancestral Lineage Alignment Rituals!

Prescribed freedom-creating deep clearing experiences for opening core self

Destiny Legacy Alignment!

Life Path divination and coaching

Strategy map!

Follow up coaching for a month

4-nights in the retreat house with great food.!

24/7 Access to the Sacred Gateway Gardens!

Special sacred tools created for taking home.

Empowerment Notebook!

3 Day Transformation
Customized Immersion Experience

Initial divination session - defining the strategy map!

Deep dive into the Ancestors & the 7 Mother portals

Creating openings to the presence of your inner journey…deprogramming old codes!

Clearing all lower levels of energy vibrations

Aligning with inner truth & creating certainty!

Daily readings and shedding

Beach and River Rituals 


Receive spiritual tools for empowerment

5-7 nights in the retreat house with great food.!

24/7 Access to the Sacred Gateway Gardens!

3 months of follow up coaching included

Customized Experience


CEO Business Solutions

Coming Soon

Professional Career Solutions

Coming Soon

Team Healing Solutions

Coming Soon

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